Landon Collis

Posted on Thu, 27 May 2010 by midcenturyjo

More great photography! Landon Collis has a great eye for composition, interesting angles and crop and wonderful light and shadows. While my last photographer crush was all about simplicity and serenity, these are about detail. There is almost a sense of movement, of turning and catching a glimpse of yet another inspiring scene, that if you’re not quick you’ll miss something. Busy rooms captured in a clever snapshot. Time stands still through the lens and we get to pick over the details, find what inspires us.

Qerat says:

Exquisite as usual. You post the most amazing photographers

Great selection of photos. Love the strawberry red china cabinet!

Jeff says:

I especially like the gallery room with the track lighting, the use of color is restrained and feels oh so right. Been loving the return of the spider plant.

Sparky says:

I LOVE the photo of the Louis XVI settee with the Franz Kline painting hanging above!!!!! All spaces are quite lovely.

Bev65 says:

LOVE the graphic quality. I have always liked round tables, and the orange one is an inspired choice.

Sugar says:

I want that first chair and that orange table has me going gaga. I love this blog and all the inspiring pics!!

Tanya says:

I love every single photo and space. I love that simple table in bright orange.

loolah says:

These are wonderful. Just my cuppa. Bold and dramatic without any fussy styling. The colour palette is edible too.

Lea says:

The red dining room is totally sumptuous. yum yum

Sandy says:

An amazing photographer. He has captured the essence of each room.

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