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Posted on Wed, 30 Jun 2010 by KiM

We all know and love designer Celerie Kemble – she’s been featured in tons of magazines and Kemble Interior‘s work is internationally known. I featured this firm back in 2007 and thought it was time for a bit of an update. They’re still about spaces on the traditional side but with a bit of whimsy and perfect doses of pattern and colour. The dining nook above would make a perfect sit-down-and-blog-with-a-cup-of-tea-and-a-plate-full-of-cookies space.

Nuit says:

oh I a HUGE fan of hers… Celerie’s got the best closet in her NY apartment too!

Beautiful! From the pop of that yellow wall in the first photo to the first bedroom with the accents of purple and turquoise… just gorgeous.
XO Piper

Wow. That light blue hutch and the bedroom with purple bench are just beyond divine. The bedroom has so much beautiful design going on while still feeling calm and tranquil.

Trell says:

I love Celerie Kimble’s work. The chunky mirrow against that amazing wallpaper is to die for. Great post.

Laura says:

The bamboo kitchen chairs are easily my favorite feature out of all of these pictures. All of these, though, have such fantastic natural features incorporated! Stunning work.

escapade says:

Oh I love the white + yellow room from the top photo. Just so summery fresh!

lea says:

When I first browsed these rooms I didn’t like them at all, too cluttered and almost retro but after another look I was converted.
Nice to see some colour as opposed to beige brown and red. These are happy spaces.

I absolutely love the first photo. I want to be there, cozy up with a cup of coffee, and be happy with life. Haha

Sparky says:

I love the last photo on the right—the re-done settee and arm chair, which normally live their lives in original dark wood with staid upholstery fabrics. The white paint and light fabric treatments on these pieces really is a fresh breath of air—Aaaaaah. ~Sparky

i love all the saturated colors. beautiful work.

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