Posted on Fri, 9 Jul 2010 by KiM

My fiancé and I spent the evening at my parent’s place getting the trailer put into place in the back corner of their acre property. (For trailer details check out her blog posts here). It looks TOTALLY adorable and is coming along quite nicely, especially after a coat of paint from my twin sister, and now that it’s off the driveway. My mom wants to have a little deck/stairs built out front of it and do some planting around it. I am hoping we can at least spruce the outside up a bit in the next 2 weeks before the wedding so we can get some photos in front of it. 🙂 That all being said (perhaps I’m rambling because we’re in day 4 or 5 of a ridiculous heat wave here and I’m lacking sleep) I didn’t have much time for blog stuff so I figured I’d just slap up some more photos from the lovely The first bunch are of a cool renovated apartment that is just the right amount of funky (hello brown leather chesterfield!) and vintage and comfy furnishings. The last 2 are of a gorgeous dining space (I love benches for seating at a dining table).

Love it all!! I especially like the timber dining table area….perfect….!

Kim, I am obsessed with those light fixtures! What a fun DIY project that would be. Thanks always for the inspiration and have a most wonderful weekend!

Morella says:

.. beautiful !!!!

Rachael says:

Kitchen is goregous! And that table!!!

Emma says:

Amazing. I love this place. Casual but still utterly chic.

Meri says:

Thanks Kim …going on a hunt !! Any ideas about Melbourne retailers??? Sorry about the questions but you prob have more idea than me thanks agaain …

midcenturyjo says:

Hi Meri, Kim’s in Canada but I’m in Australia 🙂 If you want the real thing (authorised Herman Miller dealer) then try a place like Luke in Melbourne. There are certainly plenty of other retailers as well. If budget is tight and you don’t mind a copy try Matt Blatt. I’ve purchased other things from Matt Blatt and been very pleased.

Quite interesting pictures. I really like the interior design of the apartment. Even the combination of different styles doesn’t look bad at all. The bench for seating at a dining table is also interesting idea but I would definitely prefer something more comfortable.

margarita says:

Totally love this house and look, I happen to have a cherry chesterfield and white sofa in the living room as well, I haven’t seen this combination before, so very pleased to see it here!! Greta deco love everything in here.
Regards from London

she11belle says:

Any idea what that paint color is in the living and dining rooms? I love the color

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