Peter Margonelli

Posted on Wed, 14 Jul 2010 by KiM

New Yorker Peter Margonelli can manipulate natural light in amazing ways. The resulting photographs are impactful and full of life. I was smitten with the photo above – nothing like pets on furniture to reel you in!


his photography is lovely and the art collection is to die for!!!

Hannah says:

My GAWD! Unique, pristine… I think I just died a little… The art…

dhia says:

oh my.. i love that green chair and that sofa with that furry white thingy!

Sarah says:

Love this group of photos…esp how the chairs in the second pic are the same green as the grass. Very cool touch.

You had me at…..the first image!

Emily says:

Awesome. The photos capture the wonderful clean simple design of the rooms. I love the way the rooms are set up as well. Very inspirational.

Vanessa Murphy says:

Peter’s work is like a cool breeze through an open window….alive + fresh. He is masterful in his approach to photography. Nice work Peter!

nike says:

wonderful pictures. can somebody identify the large photography on the second image?

Priscilla says:

i can’t say it any better than alison did. wowza. i am in love these images. good work, everyone involved.

Indie_tea says:

That is one lovely house. Love the pale colors, and the antique-like column is lovely…

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