Brett Mickan

Posted on Tue, 3 Aug 2010 by midcenturyjo

One moment it’s OTT, the next it’s cool, calm and minimal. It’s mix and match combining to make a stylish whole. Interior designer Brett Mickan uses colour passionately and his monochromatic spaces are just as strong as his bold colour combinations. Sydney based, he has worked in Florida and this influence shows in his work. There is an Australian sensibility but a Miami bite to the execution. Whether it’s audacious or refined Mickan has it covered. Think serious fun more than just serious.




What a happy and refreshing outdoor space. I love how Brett designed humor into the space by adding the goose statuary. It’s especially funny because the goose looks like it’s looking right at the camera as if the photographer had invaded its privacy.

Renee says:

What beautiful photos. Such simplicity and refined details, I love it!

Bev65 says:

these are so awesome, even though Green is not my favorite color..I like this!

Topaz says:

I hate green, but the green rooms on this post are fabulous. I may have to reconsider the color.

Kait Ryan says:

Beautiful! I especially love the tree-like lamps — do you know where I could find them? [found in pictures: twisted wood in 2/3; lime green in 9; three legged tree in 15] thanks!

adorable and such a cool living 😉

These rooms are spectacular. I’ve pinned almost every single one to Pinterest. What a great find! THANK YOU for shining some light on this fantastic designer!

Lisa Defazio says:

I love these rooms and in particular the innovative placement of the art works making for a new dynamism…wonderful use of color and a balance within the use of shapes and forms – HEAVEN!

Tamara says:

I love the first house (pics 1,2,3), with its mix of old and new. More details on what was used to decorate it, including where to buy the twig lamp, can be found here:

Lina and Victoria says:

It make us so proud and overjoyed that your talents are for all to see and enjoy. Your talent is a gift from GOD what you do with it is your gift to GOD…Great Job Old Friend we love you and we miss you.

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