Oz-glam by Greg Natale

Posted on Mon, 30 Aug 2010 by midcenturyjo

Last week I had to hurriedly pull down this post. Why? Because the house made the cover of Belle magazine and its designer needed to keep it under wraps for just a few more days. The issue is out today and now we can all see why Greg Natale is one of this country’s hottest designers. Thanks again Greg for sharing… last week and this week!

I hope you didn’t think glam was dead. Not when this harbour side Sydney home is packed with Oz-glam chic. Interior designer Greg Natale has proven again that he knows how to mix Hollywood Regency with a laidback Australian vibe (who ever thought that concrete breeze block could look so good?!). This home is no showroom vignette though. It’s real living for a real family. Mind you we don’t all have that fabulous Balmain harbour view! Recently on the cover of (inside) a little birdie tells me it is in the next it has now made the cover of Belle. Thanks Greg for sending all the pictures and congrats to photographer Anson Smart for the fabulous shots.

Greg Natale says:

Hi Guys
I appreciate all your feedback, especially the constructive criticism but I have to say that the inspiration for the last ten years of my work is actually the late English David Hicks and he has inspired a whole new generation of designers including Kelly Wearstler, Jonathan Adler and myself. Jonathan's furniture’s just fits so with well the "Palm Springs" inspired theme of this house. Thanks for your comments.

Jason Greenhalgh says:

I think you need to do a David Hicks Post to teach the negatives some design hystory

Shannon says:

Lovely spaces! What is the gorgeous stone used on the floors and throughout? Is it a local Australian stone?

Boo to the naysayers.

Thanks for sharing the additional pics, I love Greg Natale's work and it's a strong cover image. Very interesting that you took your earlier post down so that you weren't 'publishing' images of the house before the mag came out. Check out my post on another story within the same mag, where the actual images were used on a realestate site to sell the place 6 months earlier… very cheeky!

AMAZING!! You have me swooning. Just pure fabulousness!

Great job. Some people can be so mean. Doesn't matter where the inspiration comes from. It matters how it is executed.

Excuse me Mr Natale, seeing as you read this blog (& the comments) … any chance of you letting us know where those amazing oversize circle handles are from in the kitchen? In the event that they're custom who do you use and who is your preferred handle/hardware supplier for 'off the rack'?

Mark says:

I guess it would be quite easy to paint a Picasso too MT. It's called inspiration, which Greg Natale is obviously inspired by Jonathan Adler as he has clearly indicated above in response to someones comment. To simply say he has copied a design is completely ignorant as an interior designers job is not rock up to a shop, buy a whole lot of items and throw them into a room but to piece the items together with the architecture of the room. Natale has done a successful job to turn a shoe box with a view into a glamourous home that I'm sure the owners are loving at the moment. There are many of Natale's elements of design within the house as you can compare with his other works on his website. I see no problem with Natale using JA's ideas just like the interior designer of the Ivy used JA concepts too. To say it is just a copied design is a ridiculous comment, I can then say JA copied Bitossi and a whole lot of other Italian and Germanic vase makers. Keep up the good work Greg, Sydney has plenty of bland spaces that needs some tweaking.

Greg Natale says:

Thanks Mark for your support. The gold handles were a custom finish but the handles are off the rack from Industrial Expression.

Laura says:

Beautiful pictures!! Great for inspiration. I am in love with the white chippendale headboard. Could you tell me where you found it? Thank you.

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