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Posted on Thu, 2 Sep 2010 by KiM

Reader request time! This one comes from Kristín: “My best friend just moved in to his new fab flat, and here’s the best part: He’s letting me decorate it! Ive been searching some picture for inspiration, and I was thinking something masculine in grey-blue colours. I still havn’t found anything though, so I was hoping you might have some pictures?” I don’t think masculine has to be blue and grey so I went through my stash and found some spaces (mostly living rooms and a couple bedrooms) that I personally think would generally appeal to the average guy, that aren’t necessarily bathed in “manly” colours.

James MerrellDecor Demon
Apartment Therapy
The New York Times
Vanessa Hadaway
Sköna hem
Tommaso Ziffer
Apartment Therapy
Apartment TherapyDesigner Guys
Elle Decor
Style At Home
Jordi Canosa
Living Etc.
Living Etc.
Todd Yoggy
Living Etc.

LoftLife Magazine Yatzer
Steven Gambrel Ilse Crawford
Domino Domino


You have a great collection of "masculine" decor ideas! I am sure your reader is all set now.

Alison says:

masculine and stylish is a hard task, nice inspiration images!

Couldn't love this post more! All the Union Jacks are perfect for my Anglophile boyfriend 🙂 Merci!

Check out this Toronto bachelor pad by Prototype Design Lab:

Awesome set of photos. The Style at Home photo with the wall of framed pictures is exactly what I need to replicate over my own tv. I have a similar set-up (smaller wall but low tv and bench) and it's been an empty wall for way too long. Time to pick up a big set of matching frames. Now…what to put in them? Maybe some black and white pencil drawings? Fashion illustrations (feminine – yes!) perhaps. Oooh…I just think this is going to be my next project. Thanks for posting that photo – I'm inspired!

Emily says:

I am obsessed with that W shaped coffee table in the 9th(?) picture down! I'm not having any luck searching for one online, any suggestions??

denise says:

Mega-sofa, mega-flatscreen, coffee table you can put your feet on, nothing upholstered in white and a spillproof floor – just about perfect masculine decor!

Sparky says:

I'm not a guy, but I could live in and dig many of these spaces for my own! :o)

Kristín says:

Wauw, they're amazing!
The pictures are fabulous, I abolutely love them – and more importantly, so does my friend. We are So ready!

Thank you !

Lisa says:

This is amazing – what an incredible resource you guys are! I can only imagine how long it would take to amass these photos by yourself… thanks for providing this 'service'!

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