Reader’s home #1

Posted on Fri, 3 Sep 2010 by KiM

I’ve got a few reader’s home to share with you on this (TGI) Friday. The first is from Jenn Feagans: “I am an aspiring interior designer. I would love to submit pictures of my home if you are interested. I have a humble budget and currently live in the suburbs, but do my best to bring style and personality with a mid-century modern feel. My previous home was a mid-century modern home in the Ridgewood subdivision in St. Louis, Missouri designed by the architect Burton Duenke. It was modeled after the California Contemporary style. We remodeled the kitchen and tried to stay true to the original feel of the home while bringing in contemporary style. Our current home is more traditional, but have tried to incorporate classic mid-century modern style. We have a mixture of designer pieces including George Nelson and Saarinen, and also have newer contemporary. We have a passion for vintage and antique finds that we bring to the mid-century inspired style.” (Note: The last 5 photos are from Jenn’s previous home, and the rest are from her current one).



What a wonderful vinette around the childrens bookcase – talent!

Laddy Pabel says:

I think this reader could get work doing low income, multi-family unit show homes for a living.

amelia says:

lovely home! i need to know where that alphabet poster came from?!!
any ideas???

RandomIntent says:

Very nice. She needs to let herself go wild with the accessorizing now that she's gotten all the basics so well covered! Every room so clean and clutter free! (Maybe she's hiding the messy room!) 😉

gf says:

Finally a reader submission that looks like someplace I want to live! I didn't see a single 'artfully draped' throw or coat in any of the shots. Thank you for sharing with us. 🙂

Dina says:

I believe the alphabet poster is by Binth ( Their stuff is wonderful.

laura says:

the frog! at the sink!!! how do i get my hands on that? it's so much more exciting than the ceramic ones out there. any leads? anyone?

Jenn (the home owner) says:

Yes, the poster is binth. The frog is a vintage find, 25 cents and one of my favorite purchases ever! Thank you everyone for your kind words!

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