Reader’s home #3

Posted on Fri, 3 Sep 2010 by KiM

This last reader’s home comes from a longtime reader of DTI, Ypille: “Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of reuniting with one of my best friends Graes Israel-Kiernan, after 9 years of not seeing each other. Both Graes and I are avid Desire to Inspire readers/subscribers and when I went to her house for a vacation, I just had to photograph it and send the pictures to you ladies.
Graes, her husband Jeff and their 2 young-lings Liam and Sebastian just moved to Wexford, PA, near Pittsburg and was able to acquire this extarordinary mid-century, well crafted 25-year old home. Per Graes, the original owners of this structure was a surgeon and his glass-artist wife who had this house custom-made according to their liking. And with Graes’ talent and eye for design, usage of classic and modern furniture and her proletarian approach to life, this house in my view has become the most spectacular of all the houses I’ve stayed in.

Graes owns a bookstore and loves to garden as well, this is made evident in the theme of design all around her house with the presence of books, bookshelves and plants which are practical yet appealing for homes. Other than repainting the entire interior to Graes’ preferred colors, there has been no major remodeling done as of yet and Graes, being the creative and honest designer that she is, pulled this one off and transformed this timeless house and stamped her mark on every room, signifying that this house is now her home!



Eleni says:

Grea floors! I love the wood-tiles combination in the third photo!

Melissa says:

Wow. This house totally speaks to me. If I could afford something so magnificent I would sell my condo in San Diego today and move in to this beautiful piece of architecture. I wouldn't change a thing about it. The windows, the angles, the colors. Its perfect.

Ypille says:

Kim, thanks so much for this honor for my friend! I love how it came out here at DTI, it really is a special house/home. Have a great weekend!

Melinda says:

I love the flooring. Black and white tiles with timber panels – that pic is definitely going in my inspiration file.

Tonia says:

Love that checkedboard floor. It's such a charming home. I'm sure the people that live there are happy.

graes says:

We are now preparing our house for sale! Anybody interested?

Thanks for posting this, Kim and Jo and Ypille!

DTI is still my #1 go-to site for home design ideas.

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