Reader’s home – Dana’s Italian villa

Posted on Fri, 10 Sep 2010 by KiM

This next reader’s home is that of Dana Frigerio. It’s located in Lake Como, Italy and was built around 1914. Her husband is an architect with a passion for books, and Dana is a garden designer with a passion for interior design. Their furnishings combine both Western and Oriental antiques with some contemporary pieces. It’s a stunning home that really showcases Dana’s passion for design, and WOW check out her kitchen!!! (P.S. Their current focus is on their garden which I can only imagine how gorgeous it will turn out. And Dana has a gardening blog so have a looksie). Thanks Dana!

Sarah says:

I LOVE the gold stencils. They add texture and a whimsical luxury to the rooms. I am going to steal this idea, but instead stencil butterflies on my daughter's walls. Thank you!

Eva says:

I really like the paper ceiling decoration thing- so pretty.

Nuit says:

oooh that pages chandelier is fab!

Lin says:

Now that's a house with personality! Fabulous.

wonderful kitchen and love those blue and gold walls!

hari says:

best best


ariadne says:

Though it's not my style, I really love this house! Especially the ceiling lighting with the notes! Good idea for DIY!

Lianne says:

Love what I'm seeing, but I feel like I'm missing something as I can see but a sliver of the kitchen in the picture of the dining table. Is there a link to more pics that I'm just not seeing?

Really love it!

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