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Posted on Wed, 15 Sep 2010 by KiM

This next home is that of Melody, and it has an interesting past: “We moved in a little over 2 months ago and we’re still settling in.  The bf, chi and I transitioned from a 600sq ft apt, to this massive 1330 sq bungalow. It’s on Henry Ford’s former estate on a very old island in Miami Beach called Hibiscus Island. Ford’s VP built it in 1930 and it’s passed through a few owners since. It’s very bohemian, quiet, eclectic and inviting. Aside from some weird history that I’ve read about ford and his cohorts, we love this location. (One of my bungalow neighbors has a tiled swastika inlay-ed in her floor. She keeps it very hush hush with an Ikea rug over it at all times. Apparently the Nazi’s were big into Ford’s assembly line thing- and the dude is even mentioned in Meinkamph).
Anyways, back to my home… The main space that we use as our living room has 15 ft ceilings and a wonderful view of the bay. We have a couple who lives on a boat docked outside, you can spot it in one of the shots.  I have a mix of taxidermy, thoughtfully selected sentimental bits, tons of books in our fireplace because the boy is an avid reader, an ever growing family wall of childhood pics and memories and some handmade treasures and prints picked up on Etsy. The kitchen, as I’ve been told was his butler’s quarters. The Chi Parker loves to sunbathe in the kitchen because the terrazzo floors heat up nicely. My bar is rarely stocked, but holds some of my fav pieces: a found book ‘poems/tiny apts’, an antique chemistry vessel and a scull decanter my uncle made 45 yrs ago.  All in all the space is air enough that we don’t feel cramped but I’m sure I’ll keep filling it up with more yummy things.

Melody has entered her home in The Selby/CB2 contest so go here for her entry and to vote for her. Thanks Melody – your home is fab and WHAT A VIEW!!!

Wow, what an amazing home. I like the mix of prints, colors e different pieces. Very unique.

seesaw says:

awe! so proud little me melodia. we are voting for ya!

melody says:

♥Thanks for the post, Kim. ♥
I'm super psyched to have a feature on DTI.

@Liz: The chairs are the 'new louis chairs' from a modani close out sale:

@SeeSaw Awww, shucks! Thank you.


axio99 says:

the house is a bit too dark for my liking. i just love houses that are bright and airy

melody says:


Anne says:

Really great space! I LOVE the ceilings! Sounds like there are some fascinating stories about the place too. What more could you want?

There are a few more knick knacks than I'd want personally, but there's still such a great feeling of open space, so you can get away with it.

My husband and I were just talking about how pink can make such a great contribution to a room when done well. I think your space is a good example of what works.

I have one question, and only because I'm curious (more like nosy): Why so many copies of The Catcher in the Rye? Is it a stockpile for gift giving?

sylv says:

i love everything in this home! so so so so awesome!

Jenny says:

I know this is a while ago but I absolutely need to know where the pink floor piece is from, or who it's by. I don't know what to call it really – hence I can't google for it either. Does anyone know? I would be soooo grateful! Thanks in advance. /Jen

melody says:

Hi Jen,

The pink fasceted table was costructed by my pal Taylor Kleinholz, who is a carpenter. I'm glad you like it. We're comissioning him to build us a few more items. 🙂

I'd suggest linking up with someone handy with wood & tools so you can customize your own gem furniture.

I've seen similar pieces by j1studio:
Sarah Applebaum:

Jenny says:

Oh thank you so much for that info – and fast too!
It's so funny cause I saw almost identical here:

I think I'll make my boyfriend work this weekend. 🙂

And if your carpenter friend decides to sell some pieces in Sweden – please let me be the first to know. 🙂

Anyway, thank's a lot!


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