Reader’s home – Federica’s home in Italy

Posted on Wed, 6 Oct 2010 by KiM

Federica recently sent us photos of her home in Italy so we could share them with our readers. It’s beautiful with plenty of windows letting in natural light and was designed by her father Bruno Pogliani. Thank you Federica!

oregonbird says:

I like it! It's got a 1960's middle-school thing going on. I always thought Barnes Elementary would make a cool place to live.

I love these reader home posts and this is not an exception! Amazing house!!

polish chick says:


z says:

so wonderful, a real window into other spaces! refreshing to think of someone living there when I hadn't a clue about this before reading this page, wonderful house and thanks for sharing this — so interesting

Alessandra says:

Beautiful….kiss from an Italy reader!

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