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Posted on Wed, 20 Oct 2010 by KiM

Yesterday I was doing a bit of googling for blog material (thought it would help distract me from coughing up a lung) and I came across some goodies, including the website of Boston-based interior designer and artist Lindsay Bentis. Her style is a bit modern, with mid-century elements and fun but paired back uses of colour. Her designs are very easy to live with.



Kim in Jersey says:

That first kitchen with the yellow light fixture just changed my life.

Georgia says:

I'm not sure if it's just the decor of the rooms, or the stunning architectural details of these houses, but I just LOVE all of these. I can so imagine actually living in these rooms.

Love the first image of the living room- so comfortable chic. I also really love the kitchen with the bright chairs and pendant light- gorgeous

Those knit bean bags are amazing…i need one!!

Oh my I love this! The little pops of color everywhere are my favorite. This is totally my style.

Eleni says:

I love the knitted poufs in the first photos! Beautiful images!

Nataly D. says:

Love the knitted poofs! Have been looking for a grey bean bag/poof forever! Any idea where one could these or something similar?! Thanks!!!

Stephanie says:

Gosh, her use of colour is SENSATIONAL!! Her spaces are so cool and feminine at the same time. I'm in love. Definitely saving a lot of these for my inspiration folder!

Kim Coseno says:

LOVE so much about these rooms. Inspirational! Love the turquoise light and I agree with the post about the kitchen with the yellow light fixture changing her life! I fell in love also!

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