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We received an email the other day from Jerzy Wozniak, one of the founders of the relatively new (since 2009) Poland-based architecture firm mode:lina. The firm recently finalized their premises in an elegant 60’s building basement in Poznan and they wanted to share it with us. “Faithful to the idea of using cheap materials without cheap appearance, designers used lacquered OSB boards for the flooring and furniture. Desks, also made of OSB, are covered with artificial leather to make sketching and drawing more comfortable. Luminaries are produced out of standard profiles used for gypsum-cardboard wall systems and fluorescents. OSB office furniture brings more intimate atmosphere and hides all the cabling and recycle bins.” Fantastic workspace!! I love the use of OSB on the desks and floor giving the furniture a seamless look. And with the white walls and black desk tops it’s a modern and funky colour scheme that I am really into right now. (Photos by Marcin Dondajewski)

I went poking around their blog and found some cool photos of some of their work-in-progress projects that I wanted to share as well.

ish says:

Flashback to the 80's. Where's my skateboard? Not totally on board (har har) with the materials – LOVE the clean, crispness of the style.

Michelle Lee says:

I want to put an OSB t & g floor into my new house, but wonder about the wear, even with a clear finish. What was used for the sealer/laquer, an what is the time expectancy before having to re-finish?

cinzia allocca says:

I don't like those offices. They look like they're still under construction.

I think this is a very cool use of particleboard- well done them!

polish chick says:

hurray for polish chic! as for the life expectancy of OSB flooring, i once worked in a cafe that used that very material. although it experienced a lot of foot traffic, the floors held up very well. you need a non-water-based sealant though, and a heavy duty one to boot.

none says:

nicely done, i've seen it used in residential purposes as well, and have even come close to doing it myself in my home office. it's definitely an acquired taste, and for a hip-modern architectural firm, this is RIGHT up their alley. As for the "wear-and-tear" issues, who cares? it's OSB, pull it up, flip it over, and you have a new floor! (or replace as needed)

topaz says:

I rather like the look of OSB for interiors, but after looking at all of the photos I just feel that they're trying too hard to be "cool". Sorry.

Love the colored doors!

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Chang says:

I dunno watt all the cheap talk is about.. I absolutely LOVE their office space. Love the concept love the seamlessness n simplicity love the creative use of materials… N everything else

vos says:

I'd most probably become so crazy of all these woodchips after a while that i turn up with a chainsaw in the morning to finally finish it into microchips. Too much, way too much.

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