Dillon Kyle

Posted on Fri, 5 Nov 2010 by midcenturyjo

Space and proportion, spirit and architectural roots. Things are not always bigger in Texas. Sometimes they are better. Houston-based Dillon Kyle and his architectural team respect the design heritage of their home state but don’t get bogged down in the twee, in clichéd nostalgia. I love the scope of the work. I love that the firm can’t be boxed in a certain style. And if it’s possible to love a carport then I think I’m smitten.







James says:

I keep seeing these really reclined chairs all over the place, and I'm wondering is there a specific site/manufacturer that has an MSRP? A friend and I are looking for a few of these for a project we've got coming up and any assistance locating these would be greatly appreciated!


BETC says:


Adriana says:

Beautiful! Love it!

cecile says:

I just love the pink metal desk behing the sofa…maybe you have an idea of where I can find it?

Denise says:

I love this! Very colorful, eccentric and just plain pretty!

lea says:

MMmmm love these spaces.

ooh, those red and white curtains give me a little buzz.

@cecile: I was the stylist on that shoot and it's a strut console table in watermelon from blu dot. Glad you like it! We all loved it as well.

Emma P says:

This is awesome, wish I could come up with these ideas!

Avianti says:

I love the blue tile with yellow sink bathroom! It makes the bathroom pop but also very welcoming!

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