Someone give this girl a TV show!

Posted on Mon, 22 Nov 2010 by KiM

We received an email from a reader named Lauren recently…it seems Lauren wants to be a TV star. 🙂 And I think she totally has potential for her own HGTV show. She sent us a link to a webisode she filmed with Craigslist TV where she posts on craigslist offering to redecorate someone’s place exclusively using craigslist to find all the design materials and furniture. Her video is alot of fun so I thought I’d share with you all. (P.S. Not only is she a decorator but an artist – find her work here.)

Patience says:

I think Mark was sooo funny!

Good show… love it!

Go Lauren!

Anne says:

I would watch it too, but if it takes off, I can guarantee all the prices on Craigslist will suddenly go UP!

Mandi says:

That would be such a great idea for a show. I LOVE IT!

shannon says:

great idea! but…don't we all do this anyway??
i think it would definitely be nice to see a different perspective on re-purposing furniture, etc, but at the same time, i think anne (above) might be right…craigslist prices might go up eek!

oh, and i'd totally watch it if she promised not to say "fugly"

Brittney says:

Wasn't this girl on "Millionaire Matchmaker?" The episode with Albie & Chris (sons of a Real Housewife of NJ)


mudpuppy says:

Oh man, she did such a terrific job but I have to admit I was in love with her from the first rattle of her fab chunky bracelets.

Wish I was young and pretty; I've been doing this for years and frankly, my CL finds beat this chick's by a country mile! Envious? Bitter? You bet.

This woman has all kinds of TV potential, too:

Sammy says:

Cute girl but man she killed those chairs!

Mark says:

She did a great job. And she has a great sense of style too. I want to hire her. What is her name ? Lauren …..? Under the video there is her web page but it's not working anymore. Do you guys know any contact on her or her web with more stuff? I want to hire her for decorating my apartment.

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