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Posted on Wed, 1 Dec 2010 by midcenturyjo

I’m loving the whitest of white walls in this location house in London. I’m kinda smitten by the touches of black too. My inspiration files are groaning with images just like these. (OK and a lot of deepest darekest black too.) Good news on my new old house front is that the painters start next week. We’ll be painted in time for Christmas…. I hope. Means I have to stop unpacking until each room is done 🙂 You can see what a state my messy office is in on my page. Think of it as a before. Meanwhile this fab home is from the 1st-Option location stable. Delish isn’t it?

love the dining chairs and the black sleek tile in the kitchen!

GB says:

Be still my heart–those chairs! also loving that black phone.

Sing says:

Wow great space. The reason I love white walls and floors because the pieces stand out and make them almost like they are floating. That mirrored tub is awesome.

Sparky says:

POOF—I'm blown away. Splendid!

Nathalie says:

I'm in love with those dining chairs! Beautiful!

The Craft says:

The chairs around the dining table are so lovely! And i'm not really a fan of antlers on walls, but I have to say it has been done very tastefully in the first picture!

The Craft

Los Angeles says:

Where are those blue and white mosaic chairs from?

Lin says:

A lovely house if only they would lose the antlers and the dead animal on the floor. Will these two trends NEVER END?

Like everyone, I cannot get over those chairs. I keep pulling up the page to stare at them. it's unhealthy at this point.

Sammy says:

The images are beautiful indeed and while I can't quite get my head around modern hunting trophies both the cow hide and sheep skin are bi-products of the meat industry. Our ancestors used every part of the animal – surely not to do the same would be wasteful? It's not a trend. People have always looked to the natural world to provide beauty, warm and texture for their homes and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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