Blog favourites of the week

Posted on Sun, 12 Dec 2010 by KiM

Jane says:

some of those are really cute. 🙂

that's so inspiring!

Sparky says:

All so different and yet so appealing. The "snowman" family of thread, made me chuckle—so innovative and cute! Thanks for pulling us into these cozy places. ~Sparky

Sparky says:

Ha, ha, ha! I just noticed the boot on the table leg in the next to last photo. :o) ~Sparky

Great collection of blogs. Love the cute little yarn-snow family.
Your blog is inspiring. I'll be back soon.


lovely selection of pics. my favs are the last one (such a beautiful snowy image) and the minimal black/white interior from automatism.

Thank you for keeping me in such good company! Love the Mongolian fleeces in the first picture, such a Scandinavian way of using them~

rachel says:

so many beautiful photos! thank you for sharing them!

julie says:

Yay! Thanks for including my pic Kim.

Leigha says:

I always look forward to the blog favorites! It's such a tidy little glimpse at the greatness of blogs. Sigh!


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