Some favourite living rooms of 2010

Posted on Thu, 30 Dec 2010 by KiM

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Awesome…i see a few of my faves here too!! Have a happy new year girls! :)))))))) you'll be there before us here in the USA.

OneDay says:

Love the first living room. It's a little stark, but so sleek. The white living room with the lilies on the table and chandelier is also beautiful. The framed mirror is such a great detail.

ElvisFan says:

Thank you Kim and Jo for a wonderful year of eye candy…
Happy New Year… and here's hoping 2011 is even more successful for you both

sunny says:

I love, love, love the first two living rooms!!

loolah says:

Love the last room.

I do wish there wasn't such an overwhelming preponderance of white walls, though.

Happy New Year to you and to Jo. This is a wonderful blog. Thank you both.

Samantha says:

We moved in to our place back in May and I still don't like our living room, this gave me some new ideas to try out. Thanks!

ania says:

I love Your blog!!!!

ErikaB says:

Do you know where the throw/rug on the table from the 6th picture is from?? or where I can get something similar to it?

KiM says:

ErikaB, it's a Moroccan wedding blanket. (Jo sent me one as a wedding gift – see here).

Heather says:

I think I spy an Enrique Iglesias crush :p

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