Tine Kjeldsen

Posted on Tue, 11 Jan 2011 by KiM

The following stunning Danish home belongs to Tine Kjeldsen, owner and designer of homewares company Tine K Home. Her aesthetic is SO appealing to me. Lots of white, with doses of grey and bits of black and plum. This house is perfection – I might add a few pieces of unpainted wood furniture and some ethnic pieces to give a bit more natural vibe. (And I really wish I could do all white floors but my plethora of cats means I need to get that idea out of my head).

Becky says:

I'm not quite sure what I think….maybe it's "absolutely, beautifully, boring", because it's both beautiful and boring at the same time. No matter how you look at it, it's very well done.

Zuzana says:

Its like a dream, everything is flying… Fantastic! I want to have white floors too!

coriag says:

So beautiful house.. I really love this house, If I had the same as this house, I'd like to have a polished concrete.

this house makes me very happy….it takes real guts to stick with that color scheme…and to paint your floors white! i love the moss green peppered throughout. just lovely. great post.

Kris says:

Love the house and everything inside it. But i think the photos shouldn't be doctored, they should be left with the original colours. Is there any chance that we get to see them? They should be beautiful ……


sophia says:

I feel like I'm in an Alfred Hitchcock movie! Too white and sterile….add some dark wood floors and some color here and there to avoid it looking like a white box.

aylin says:

its beautiful but also quite depressing…

sheri slowey says:

wow. awesome. i love the white. i want your house 🙂 well done.

Love this home . Restraint at its best.Connie

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