Mauricio Fuertes

Posted on Wed, 26 Jan 2011 by KiM

I wonder if photographers who shoot such absolutely amazing spaces (ie. yesterday’s post) go home to their less than stellar dwellings and think “why do I live in this dump?”. I think today’s featured photographer might have had that thought on occasion. Mauricio Fuertes of Barcelona claims he’s been working alot, in places that he dreams about. I’m fairly certain had I stepped into any of the spaces I’d be having dreams about them too, and wishing they were mine.



Christina says:

That first photograph… oh my. What an inspiring place.

Stacey says:

Amazing work!

Sparky says:

These spaces are just beautiful. With all the windows, I'm afraid I'd not be able to pay for the heating or air conditioning, though. :o(

polish chick says:

except for the bathroom open to the bedroom (so not my thing), i must say my heart skipped a beat again and again.

Cool images – now if i ever get tired of my suzani on the bed i'm going to look for a stone wall and a grey sofa for sure.

KateD says:

I love the ornate old bed in an ultra-contemporary space. It's such beautiful contrast. I like that the designer took the bed and put it in a space that's so opposite what it's original setting would have been.

On a related note…
Why are certain old styles fashionable again and other ones not? Things that are mid-century or newer seem to be more popular. I'd love to see someone rediscover a waterfall style (swing era) piece or an antique bed with a 10 ft tall headboard and put it in a new and fresh environment.

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