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Posted on Sat, 5 Feb 2011 by midcenturyjo

It’s Saturday and it’s normally WINKS day. Well it was until I lost my WINKS mojo. I’ve tried mixing it up with reading guides. I love reading guides. It’s all about lurking on sites and sharing the blog love. There have been new old house posts and January weekend holidays. Now it’s time to get back to work but I’m having a mental block. I need your help. I need your suggestions. What do you, the readers, want on a Saturday? Monday to Friday is all about desire and inspiration, stylists and photographers, architects and designers. What should the weekends be?

I have one thought that I’d love some feedback on. I’m hoping to make Saturdays a little more interactive. We have such great readers. You are talented and opinionated, generous and have great taste (of course). Some of you are truly gifted professionals and some of your are stylish amateurs. Some of you are lost, looking for inspiration. I’d love to see Saturdays as a day where readers can send in their design problems or questions and the DTI readers can go for it. A reader, let’s call them “A”, sends a picture of their problem. The rest of you, let’s call you “B to Z”, share your ideas, give your opinions, have a voice. Dissect, discuss, shake your head at a horrible room and help find a solution.

So what do you think? It’s time to dissect, discuss, shake your head at a horrible suggestion and help find a solution. WINKS isn’t dead and gone. Fabulous links are always coming in. Reading guides will always be popping up but… What to do with a Saturday? 🙂

Brismod says:

I liked winks and the reading guides but it would be good to shake it up a bit with reader design dilemmas. Great idea. xx

Cat says:

I already said I liked your idea (I do!) but I'd like to chime in again and say that I like the idea of 'regular people's' remodelling, if you could get people to send pictures in. I also think the 'WHERE' idea is fabulous–haven't we all been caught out by seeing something truly wonderful and being totally unable to find it?

Brooke J says:

DIY decor!!!

Cate says:

I'd love the opportunity to learn from others' dilemmas (and the responses).

Brilliant idea!! and a great way to learn especially as we are renovating soon.

kris says:

YES ! Hands up to your fabulous idea. It's a great way for more interaction, plus i always enjoy your post of 'common folks' homes. They are really down to earth.

Mandy says:

Great idea !!!

Sparky says:

I'm amazed that you guys post on the weekends at all! After the wonderful full-week posts can't you give yourselves a break on the weekend? Few other bloggers "work" through the weekend. That being said, I like coming here on the weekend to check things out. :o) My vote is to allow yourselves the flexibility of doing something that's relatively easy for you two! ~Sparky

sarah says:

What about a theme each weekend….. say, lighting or chairs or hooks….even bedroom makeovers or kitchen renos etc. Your readers could send in their photos, links, ideas and you could add if you had time. That way you could incoporate the WHAT, WHERE and WHO, be interactive but keep it relatively contained. You could add links to websites so people could follow them if they were interested!!

Brilliant. Brill-iant! I love the idea. It's a great way to stretch some decorating muscles, and maybe meet a couple of new friends along the way. Bring it on!

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