Barbara Hill

Posted on Fri, 18 Feb 2011 by midcenturyjo

Beautifully curated contemporary interiors. Desert deliciousness and minimalism giving maximum impact. Rooms as art and furniture almost as sculpture. Simply stunning homes from Barbara Hill Design. Is minimalism tugging at my heart? Maybe…. just maybe when it is this good. Hill was a gallerist and it shows in her careful curation. (Link found via fab blog you are the river.)



sasha says:

Great, really great. It looks so minimal, but every setting has fascinating textures and details that draw you in.

La Boheme says:

Amazing space! The volumes of space speak for themselves without the necessity to clutter the interiors. Minimal approach is a DO in my book! xo

S Pedrotti says:

Fantastic post!!! You ladies made my day!! VERY INSPIRING!!! Many thanks

ivy lane says:

love this is a tad too minimal for me..but I can see myself in those spaces…maybe with a little bit more art, rugs etc..other than that..perfecto!

Tom says:

I like the concept of a room as art which in turn means not much art on the walls to compete with the architecture and furnishings which create the finished artistic space.
Clean and inspiring post!

Absolutely beautiful!! Love to admire it but know I couldn't live this way – addicted to my stuff!

zach says:

Ok so there are two kitchens that go lengthwise against a wall with no uppers. I have doubts as to how their form compliments their function, are these kitchens a pleasure or pain to prepare food in. Its fine if the kitchen is there and not used much but minimalism is not just about looks, at best it is about the ease and clarity with which we can live without excess of stuff around us. The second kitchen against the wall also places a large dining table against a wall, we all know that is a faux pas, its not nice to stare at a wall, it should be in the middle of the room, and some furniture is designed to be mobile and it is its feature and strength, that table is not a table that is designed for lugging into the room and then back against the wall.

having space where you can live is really important

Jourdan says:

Beautiful flow and empathy of negative space.

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