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Posted on Mon, 28 Feb 2011 by KiM

***Pets on furniture posts will resume in a couple weeks when I return from holidays! – Kim

The other day my sister called me and said “OMG Kim, you have GOT to blog Lexie’s house!!!”. Lexie is a furniture designer and her husband is an architect (his firm is Mork-Ulnes Design) – which explains why her house is so freaking amazing. In 2006 his firm was responsible for extensive renovations of this 1896 Victorian home located in San Francisco, which features 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and is just over 2600 sq ft. I absolutely adore every square inch of this home, from the architecture to the decor. And for those who may house hunting in the area, this home can be YOURS, as the family is moving to Norway in the summer. This has got to be one of the top 5 homes I’ve ever blogged. (MANY more photos after the jump).

Rache' says:

I sent this link to a friend in SF who forwarded it to her friend who is viewing this GORGEOUS property with the vision to buy it! The internet ROCKS in that way doesnt it!!! Now I just need to forward some of my work to Kim [artwork of SF] who will post it on her blog and the same may happen to me…….???? xx

Melissa says:

Oops. Think I failed to properly send a comment. Today's posts are wonderfully inspiring, as always. I panicked momentarily when I didn't see any "Pets." Glad to know they will return!

polish chick says:

am i right in assuming a normal person could not afford this beauty?

also, please, don't bother with pets on furniture. i always skip it and wait for the real blog to resume on tuesday!

Wow, this is amazing! Especially love the children's room 😉

Hi, I loved all of the house! Very beautiful. 🙂

Lisa says:

Seriously amazing-every room!

As I live in a basement, the windows are by far my favourite…

Tia says:

Crazy. My friend Josy was just talking about this place today. Apparently she is friend's with Lexie. Anyway, beautiful place, beautiful blog.

Wow. What a gorgeous house! I especially love the catwalk and the hanging bench

burkha says:

I love this place! The personal excentric details just make the whole style
some nice ideas!!

Love the trumpetlamp!

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