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Posted on Sun, 13 Mar 2011 by KiM

As I mentioned in my last post, here are some favourite random photos I took on my trip to Puerto Vallarta – which, might I add, is a VERY safe city, unlike what you hear all the time on American news channels. Yes, there are some unsafe cities in Mexico but the news always generalizes to ALL of Mexico, which is really unfortunate. Not only is Puerto Vallarta safe, but gorgeous, incredible restaurants at every turn (I’ve got photos!), and perfect weather. (I should mention that some of the photos below were taken in the awesome surf town of Sayulita).

Love your photos – thanks for sharing!!

Sarah says:

Just wanted to say thanks for setting the record straight about the country that I have adopted, and that has adopted me. Iยดm originally from Scotland, but arrived in Mexico 4 years ago, almost by accident, and never left! Parts of the country are very dangerous, that is not to be downplayed at all, but the whole country should not be tarred with the same brush. Most of Mexico is friendly, and lovely, and welcoming, and photos like yours remind me why I'm proud to live here.

mudpuppy says:

OMG. send me that puppy.

Patty says:

Loving all the bright color! And those multi-lightbulb fixtures!

magdalena says:

beautiful pictures indeed, and i agree – one should not generalize facts. but one picture is disturbing to me – that kid on the beach… is the boy acutally working and selling toys?! that's not something that should be portrayed in such a romantic harmless way.

but that is just my opinion…

KiM says:

Magdalena, I am simply showing photos of my experiences in Mexico. Children who are forced by their parents to sell items to gringos is a large part of the reality of Mexico. I bought a toy monkey from that boy (and we bought more from the other children that followed him) so he could give the money to his mother who will hopefully use it to buy food for him and the rest of his brothers and sisters.

beattie says:

Mexico looks wonderful, although Magdalena raises an interesting point around child exploitation – should we stay away as tourists and abandon the kids in their poverty or visit and help by spending our money? I think as a society we are more than happy to buy items that have been made with child labour…. However, we do this out of ignorance…. so folks the next time you pick up that cheap t-shirt or cheap pair of jeans… check where they were made…. in reality they are not cheap – the price you don't see is the cost of human exploitation in their production. THINK before you buy and know the source of production- expose the companies who exploit their workers with low wages, dangerous workplaces and poor conditions.

All respect to Kim, her heart appears to be in the right place.

WyGal says:

Thank you for the photos Kim!! I LOVE Mexico and Puerto Vallarta is my favorite place to visit. I just love the mix of Tourists and Mexican families meeting and mingling at the Malecon (boardwalk) on the waterfront at night sharing food and fun, the old buildings, cobblestone streets, Southern jungles, and of course the beaches!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Im always trying to convince my American friends to visit there as it is much cheaper than Hawaii or Florida etc. But it is true there is much danger in places and one has to know where NOT to go. Even on the West Coast some tourist cities (Acapulco) have had problems with the drug cartels-Heads of murdered policeman have been placed in the city numerous times. Although tourists have not been targeted I sure wouldn't want to be there when guns start shooting. I guess Canadian news channels must also be reporting on the bad news too?? They should all just do a big broadcast on the safe areas so more people will go and enjoy the wonders of a beautiful place and people dontyathink?!!

RW says:

Great photos! I'm heading down to Sayulita on Monday and would love to pop into PV and check out some of those places. Any recommendations for art, design and food we MUST experience on a day trip?

I agree the news can be misleading. I live in Vancouver and we've had our share of bad news internationally the past few years with gang violence. Fortunately the rest of the world didn't take it too seriously and came for the Olympics last year anyways. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Eri says:

These are gorgeous pictures! And thank you for looking at Mexico with a very open and positive outlook… I hope you'll be returning in a near future ๐Ÿ™‚

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