Posted on Wed, 30 Mar 2011 by midcenturyjo

So excited when we received an email from super stylist Deb McLean letting us know about the launch of new Australian emag Est. Est is edgy and fresh. Global content but put together with that great Aussie style vibe we are all raving about. Sian MacPherson, Editor in Chief & Lynda Evans, Creative Director have sourced the coolest and the best. It’s so obvious… sexiest, freshest, edgiest, greatest… Est.

Looking pretty great 🙂 This might be a silly question, but… Do Australians go out and sit in high grass, with all the mean bugs out there? ^^

I thought EST looked AMAZING. American online titles could take some notes.

wonderful…thanks a lot for sharing

I love the natural feel of these rooms with the addition of all that color!

I love that light in the second picture! I'm a bit lighting crazy at the moment though, because I'm researching exterior lights for the my porch&patio.

topaz says:

Thanks so much for this link; the magazine is marvelous!

denise says:

Not bad. But as always, in MHO, would have been better WITHOUT the heavy hand of the stylist!

Susan says:

Tame kookaburra or lucky shot? My money is on the former.

Yes, 'Relatable Style' we do sit outside, bugs and all. If you eat enough Vegemite the mozzies leave you alone. Or there are theories about bugs and blood type too. If both of these fail you, there's mosquito coils and Aerogard.

Deni says:

Oh my god, the picture with the horsebox trailer is absolutely amazing! I wanna sit in that chair right now 🙂
Love the pic with the wodden table & the stone chairs and the one wich looks like having a look at the room through the door. ♥

I love est….feels like a breath of fresh air! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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