Yummy like JAM

Posted on Fri, 6 May 2011 by midcenturyjo

Smooth like chocolate. Refreshing like sorbet. Yummy like JAM. Jeffrey Alan Marks. It’s traditional with a twist. Refined with quirky. Curated and at times a little kookie. I mean a boat on the bedroom ceiling. Cool! Love the first few rooms. LOVE.





Not only are there some great design ideas: the back to back vanities with double-sided mirror and the drab green-grey walls in the restaurant mixed with that mustard colored leather banquette. But, the photography is excellent! I love the use of ambient light in the Elle Decor shots and the short depth of field in the 2nd and 3rd shot.

love the elegance and refined glamour of the first few rooms and the crisp coolness of the next few..and that boat on the ceiling..striking but i couldn't possible sleep with that dangling on my head!! thanks for sharing, jo..i invite you to check out my daughter's room on my blog! xx meenal

Luis says:

Awesome! Stunning! Loved every bit!

La Chapstick Fanatique says:

so talented! amazing!!

homestilo says:

The boat above the beds is a very fun detail. I also love the hand-holding sconces.

I'm taking the room with the corner window, ok?

myfavoritefrenchantiques.blogspot.com says:

I was drawn to the color and size of the sofa in first photo…very welcoming! And the hands-holding sconces caught my eye right away…I have found some lovely ones in France.

Like how rustic elements are incorporated in a traditional setting.

Giselle says:

Those hands; fabulous!

oregonbird says:

I love the low-overhead room treated as if it were ordinary space – that's a bit brilliant, actually, and can be carried over into a real-life situation. Which is what I tend to fixate on while looking at marvelous, expensive rooms overlooking priceless vistas. Which I'll never either set foot in or be allowed to re-do!

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