Fairytales come true

Posted on Fri, 13 May 2011 by midcenturyjo

Once upon a time a princess, let’s call her Princess Jo decided she needed her own castle, a Château in fact. Somewhere in Provence. Something simple. Nothing too flashy. She may be a fairytale princess but she had her feet firmly on the ground (yah right!).  She asked her fairy godmother to find her something. Spare and simple, almost monastic but always breathtakingly beautiful. Her fairy godmother ended up being Anzhelika from Miss Design. (Go visit her blog she may grant your wishes too.) Château de Moissac is too gorgeous to be true… but it is. Fairytales do come true.










celeste says:

have passport in hand, on my way. just need address!

Julia says:

I want to get married there – someone know a millionaire?

FQ says:

I am not sure about this place, it looks lifeless and cold as if the soul of the property has been tripped away leaving behind a shaddow of what once was. It is a bit eary.

Eemeliina says:

Oh my, this is perfect! I think I just fell in love <3

Patricia Conover says:

Absolutely inspirational photographs of the Château de Moissac. We are taught early and often that Prince Charming will not be arriving any moment on his white horse, but as it turns out castles aren't just in the clouds. We may all aspire to live beautifully and well. Thank you for the inspiration today.

Aizeah says:

Gosh, this is beautiful.. artistically. But I don't think I could stay there. It's so empty and creepy!

françoise CHAVIGNER says:


TJ says:


kaleigh says:

Beautiful veiw but very creepy inside

beb says:

too creepy and sterile

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