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Posted on Sat, 14 May 2011 by midcenturyjo

Got a problem? Need some help? Just standing there shaking your head? Don’t know what to do? You’re not alone. Send us a link to photos of your design quandary and let the Desire to Inspire design crew help you …. that’s you lot… the readers! This week Yammie wants your 2 cents worth and yes, even though the obvious answer is clean up your room girls, she promises to mend her messy ways… or she will once the room is gorgeous.

I share a room with my sister. We have two twin beds…. Sorry the room is so messy and the pictures are so low quality. I just snapped them quick before I left for work this morning. I guess my main issue is that I want it to be bright and unique, but if I get sick of it, I don’t want it to be tooo hard to change. I want to have white or other neutral colors for the walls and bedding and then just have bright fun accessories. Also, like I said, I would like to paint the side tables bright colors like turquoise maybe with some green, pink, and or purple. I’m also thinking about lighting. Something unique and fun like low hanging lamps or paper lanterns would be cool. Any ideas? Thanks!

More photos after the jump. It’s a lovely bright room and I’m sure Yammie and her sister can create something special… with your help 🙂

Shana says:

A suggestion: First Arrange your room close to the way you'd like with what you've got. (I agree with a readers idea of placing the beds parallel with the window in between) .. its easier to imagine and picture when the furniture is already in proper position(and you have decided what furniture to change/leave out).

To me, an almond white/slightly cream shade looks better- easier to work with, and more cozy than stark white but its up to you.
Then use your favorite colors!!
Another thing: If you're hanging just a few things on the wall.. they'd look better at eye level rather than way up high.

And please put up a picture when you're done.. that would be the best part!

Annie says:

I'm loving this challenge Yammie! I live in a tiny studio and can appreciate how difficult it is to work with limited space. Your room also instantly reminded me of this:

Obviously, the over-the-top pink is not for you, but the layout is the same as yours. What they do achieve here is cohesion.

So: yes, matching headboards. Beds on the either side of the window. For the wall color I'd go with a pale grey with a touch of taupe. Not too warm or it might start looking ordinary. A clean, sophisticated neutral for the walls. I would paint the ceiling white. Before painting any of your existing furniture, try painting the room, getting headboards, and colorful bedding and bright pillows first. You may find that the white furniture is just fine after that. You could put both bedside tables between the beds and get mdf board cut to fit to cross over and create one big surface that you could paint a great bright color, and where you could put matching lamps.

You should invest in two new items: a real chair (papasan chairs are for frat boys!), and a tall bookcase for between the doors. That little wooden bookcase is just sad! Ikea has lots of tall, low profile book-casey type things that could fit the bill for that. All of your books, and some display items could fit there, and it would be much nicer to look at while you are in your bed. Also, this would allow you to remove the wall mounted book case above the desk, and you could put artwork, a cool mirror, or framed photos there instead. I found a great reading chair on Overstock for only $120 – inexpensive, and a perfect fit for my small space. While you are at Ikea, get a new floor/reading lamp to go with the chair.

Let go of unframed posters, and random photos. These things look girlish and cluttered. Find the images you really love, and give them some love: substantial frames, groupings to create a story and impact, let them be a presence.

One last thought on color: I would suggest finding deeper tones of the brights you are drawn to. For example, find bedding with a pattern that is, say, predominately deep teal or purple with touches of brighter turquoise or violet as WELL as contrasting brights. Then pull the brighter colors from that with accent pillows, throws, accessories. You get the idea. If you just go super-bright against neutrals it could end up looking cheezy. Bright and cheery needs depth to pop, so don't be afraid to use dark colors to compliment the lighter ones.

Good luck and keep us posted!!

belledame says:

could use a little more info, like what does the sister want for the room? is that guitar played/practiced in the room? do the sisters want maximum floor space? do they both study at the one desk? how much longer before they're moving out?

my suggestions:
– put your night stands in the far corners, facing each other
– put your disc chair in front of the window, facing the doors
– pull both beds down along the walls, to accommodate the nightstands
the beds will now line the walls so you can sit daybed-style and face each other
– put a runner/rug between the beds
– move the desk closer to the window by the closet
– move the tall shelf btw the two doors (this fits better than the book case, you'll feel it immediately)
– move the brown bookcase to the chair's current position

– no one's feet are near anyone else's head at night
– the room is balanced as much as possible
– the desk is placed to give a view out the windows
– the chair allows a conversation area for company
– your long mirror/dressing area is still open

– you wanted white bedding and clearly know pbteen well, so i suggest choosing the black, brown or navy versions of this bedding which adds to the neat, balanced air:

– and these matching curtains for the windows:
add whatever sheers you like under them

– for the floor, how about this rug which you can pull all sorts of accessory colors from:

as for lighting, i recommend getting a match for the one on the nightstand so you both have light and can balance the room properly at night. this is the time to get paper lanterns. check out they have quite a few right now in great colors/patterns.

give us more of an idea of what you are going for style-wise. even if you have to name a movie character or something, that would be very helpful.

Zamre Bin Ab. Wahab says:

Best Design..
Zamre Ab. Wahab

oregonbird says:

White can be cold, and with bright accessories, you'll be right back where you are now – less than grown-up. Try a warm cream color on the walls, it will soften bright accessories and given them a more classic feel. A rich, rather than bright, turquoise would be very modern – you might consider replacing any furniture knobs and lighting fixtures with warm copper or brass, as accents. Avoid paper lanterns, they are far too young. Look around for funky beaded chandeliers – orange/amber tones would work well with the turquoise furniture – or punctured brass lanterns. Hey, it works with turquoise!

Honestly, you might be ready for fewer and more impressive furnishings. Lose the skinny shelf, find a taller shelving unit for inside the door and paint that to match the walls – get brightly colored boxes in your favorite colors and sort everything into them. Move your desk perpendicular to the window outside the closet (so that it faces into the room, and the window is more or less at your side) and use a circular rug in a warm contrast color to deliniate that as the library/study area. (A slightly larger, more open desk (glass top?) such as one from Ikea, would be more useful and more adult.) The desk lamp should match the pendant lamps you choose for over your beds. My suggestion for the beds is that you designate them as a more-or-less single 'sleep couch', and line them up along the long left wall, foot to foot. If you can find long, low drawers, you might consider setting both mattresses on a hidden platform that incorporates those. Hang a matching lamp out from each corner over the beds – you might look at those translucent, shell pendant lamps – and invest in duplicate sets of bright bedding in your favorite colors. Mix and match two or three colors at a time – just remember to always match your choices! White or cream coverlets or duvets will make the bright sheets into accessories when you end up with the normal tossed-aside look of the beds. Find matching small round tables to paint (or again, glass-top) and place beside the head of each bed (check Ross Dress-for-Less, for example) for use both as bedside table and coffee table. Very chic, more useable, and helps to use the middle space of the room. You *want* to extend, to reach away from the walls and into the center of the room. One long runner for both beds – and it needs to match the curtains on the windows. Try to 'contain' the beds into one visual unit. Buy extra pillows and bright cushions!

I've left the space under the windows free. Lose the children's chair and bring in at least one colorful, low slipper chair – two would be better. Place the painted bedside tables in that corner – under the higher window as a unit, or on separate walls – one of them should have a small, stand-out lamp – an eye-grabber. Why so many lamps? Use lower wattages and separate the various areas with changes in light. More mood lighting is magical, and you'll have plenty of work light right where you want it, rather than flooding the whole room or having areas you avoid because they're dark. Right! One slipper chair angled under the far window, the second in the middle of the room but over to the right, at an angle facing it over towards the left far corner – the person sitting there would look over their left shoulder to look at the door. You could throw another rug down here, at any angle that looks good to you – or another circular rug in a bright color. Plant and guitar stand… it's always best to have it out of the case, you'll play more if it's right there begging you. Plus, instruments are pretty.

It looks as if you enjoy light – you might try bright beads at each window, and one long tab curtain for each that you can pull to one side. If you go with turquoise for the furniture, try a deeper, more adult purple velvet curtain with pink beads. You. Need. Art. / Go. Buy. Posters. / BIG Posters! Or, go to DeviantArt, type in 'purple' or 'aqua' or 'romance', find images you like, print them out, blow them up, and run an impressive line across that back wall. Just stick with the colors you've chosen to use. Go for warmer colors in the art. Think about whether you need to paint the woodwork, or run a matching rail around at the top of the windows. It needs… something.

Have fun! And please, we'd all love to see pictures when you've finished – we hardly ever get to find out whether our suggestions were of any help!

Yammie says:

Thanks for the advice, everybody! I've been trying to plan a trip to Ikea and now I'm getting really excited. I'll definitely let you see photos finished. And then it will be a little cleaner too. haha. 🙂

Annie says:

Yay trip to Ikea! So much fun. Suggestion: when shopping there, don't limit yourself to what they call bedroom furniture. I use an Ikea "dining room" sideboard as a dresser, and cd storage units for kitchen shelving. Also, be sure to check the sale section – usually can find bargains on good, basic stuff.

Giovanna says:

First the paint… White would be great for the walls, and its a color for every age. The built in book shelf can stay white, but you could paint the back wall with a dark gray color. Turn your bed so both can stay with the headboard on the window wall. For the side tables, you should consider getting lower ones, or only a long, low one, and put them/it under the window between your beds (You should get a light wooden, or a gray one). If you want to keep the side tables you already have, paint it with a light shade of gray, and put turquoise knobs. Place your big mirror on the wall that you have your book shelf (between the two doors), and place your book shelf on the wall you have that pink chair. You can place a ottoman or any kind of seating on the wall that your mirror was, and place your chair facing it (how about switching pink fabric for turquoise?). Paint your table with a light chocolate color and put turquoise knobs. You can get another chair, with a more vintage look, light wood, or use the one you have and reupholster the pink seat for gray fabric. You can put a nice rug in the center of the room, and how about placing a pouf there, to create even more seating space for you, your sister and friends? Place that tall book shelf next to the desk (you will need to move the desk a little bit to the left, so it wont hide the window). I see that you and your sister like hanging photos on the wall, so how about a nice frame with a collage of pictures above your beds, so you don't have to get a headboard? I think that plant does not belong there.
Have fun with turquoise accessories to give pops of colors. Your whole room is turquoise, white and gray, so use a bright color pendant light to give contrast. Use this time to get rid of everything you don't need anymore. And I know this sounds expensive, but go to garage sales, second hand stores, goodwill, or any kind of store like that. And of course, Ikea will be your best friend.

So here are some inspirations of furniture for you:
Desk chairs:

Seating (ottoman and pouf):,+product.marketingPriority&navCount=10&navAction=jump&color=&pushId=A_FURN_FURNITURE&popId=APARTMENT&prepushId=&selectedProductSize=,+product.marketingPriority&navCount=10&navAction=jump&color=&pushId=A_FURN_FURNITURE&popId=APARTMENT&prepushId=&selectedProductSize=



Side table:,+product.marketingPriority&navCount=10&navAction=jump&color=&pushId=A_FURN_FURNITURE&popId=APARTMENT&prepushId=&selectedProductSize=


I made a drawing of the idea for you, if you want to see it, let me know and then I can e-mail it to you

oregonbird says:

I've found something else – an interesting solution to a boxy modern room, one that would just *propel* the room into adulthood! And make you get rid of most of the kid-age furniture, but still!

oregonbird says:

It's one of those nights. But bright colors and a variation on the beds/one unit thing. As in, now, they're two units. But still present as one visual block.

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