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Posted on Thu, 26 May 2011 by KiM

Peggy Dupuis (of Dupuis Design) wrote us about her recently decorated California home and I had to share it wih you all because she lives in quite the pad! The home is pretty spectacular, with breathtaking views, floor-to-ceiling windows, moveable walls to open the living room to the backyard which features a pool. YEAH, the parties that could be had at Peggy’s house. 🙂 Thanks Peggy!


Peggy Dupuis says:

Thank you for the new comments. Travis, non it's Bulthaup SD with Aleka.

Rowan Watson says:

While I adore bright, open airy homes, I've often found that modern design often seems to lack color and personality. There are several things about this home that defy that tradition.

The built-ins, for one. LOVE them. I can just imagine all of those shelves full of my beautiful books and gew-gaws.

The red wall, the chalkboard wall, the tree-trunk wall, all simply gorgeous!

Too big for someone like me, but love it nonetheless. Good job!

Lizzy Mac says:

What a dream! Removable walls- Now that is luxury. Love it!

imagol4 says:

This place is spectacularly — ugly. I'm not being a troll either. I have a degree and 22 years experience in interior design. The entire place looks as though it was created by Picasso's zombie, with the pasty white and cubes on cubes on cubes. Definitely not an inviting or comfortable home. The entire design says quite plainly, DO NOT TOUCH.

Well, imagol4, I hope your degree wasn't in the field of Communication… The fact that you do not like this house, that you find it cold and impersonal is not discussable – it is your perception, your opinion and I am pretty sure everyone here will respect it. But please, do not say that this house IS ugly, IS not inviting… It doesn't work for you – all good! But it surely works for many of us here, which makes your statement quite untrue.

As for the "Picasso zombie", I have yet to understand the reference. I can only guess you're thinking of Picasso's cubism period ("cubes on cubes on cubes"). With the exception of the last picture, which depicts a quite rectangular house, the overall design seems to abound with curves: swimming pool, external stairway, curvy bookshelf, curvy wall, round bed, round ottomans scattered throughout the whole house, wishbone chairs, various occasional tables, rug design (in the living area), etc. Most of the structure angularity has been complemented with curvier and softer elements, resulting in a balanced interior… and a place about 27 commenters would be very happy to visit and experience for real. But then again, it might only be my perception…

All the best

Peggy Dupuis says:

Hi Nelly of Twinkle and Whistle, Hello there imagol4,

first of all thank you to all once again for loving our home and Nelly for defending it from imagol4.

Imagol4, no one is doubting your professional experience and personal taste. I'm sure you succeeded in what you do. You surely have the right to give your personal opinion or your professional opinion, this is a democratic world and that is why I had it posted, love to hear the comments whether good or bad. Am not expecting everyone to like our home, but so far this is the first negative comment from all the site posted.

I redid my studies in Paris in Interior Architecture where I really learned what Architecture really is, here everything goes and that is how I lke it. It's like buying an artwork and a book, it is not the cost (unless you are investing) it is more personal and that is how I treated our home and my clients, always will. Dale Naegle the San Diego Architecte (he is probably just one of the well known in the area) that I worked with for this house would be laughing now at what you said, he is from the old school but he has taste.

I hate strict scholastic rules in anything, defy it and the result is more personal not a magazine or catalog page.

big kiss to all,
Peggy Dupuis

Dani Carter says:


Your home is stunning!!! I NEVER comment on this type of thing, but your house struck a chord with me so I couldn't resist. I grew up in OC….I live in Sunset Beach now (tiny town between huntington and seal….most people have no idea we even exist!). Your house has stopped me in my tracks……and that's saying a lot, considering I'm uber A.D.D. when I'm perusing the internet. There are so many brilliant design elements to your home. I, along with many others I'm sure, am very envious. And of course, my minds eye created its own picture of the creators and owners of this home. However, there is no need for me to get into those details because my minds eye was quickly put in check upon seeing a response from you in this comment section. Thank you for being so down to earth. And I don't mean to sound like a weirdo, but I would love nothing more than to actually see your home in person. I have been a high school teacher in Orange County (for the court schools…..juvenile hall, probation, house arrest, etc.) for 10 years. And as everyone knows, we don't make millions. But if we did, I'd build myself a house like yours. I will never give up on my dream of one day building my own perfect home. In the meantime, I'd love to be in touch with you.

My apologies if I've come off a bit too forward. I am just so moved by your house and the story behind the search.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Dani Carter

It was our pleasure to construct the butcher-block counter top for the beautiful kitchen in such an amazing home. Though I'm not sure there is anything left to add, we would love to contribute more – especially pieces made from our beautiful local wood! Check out our new blog 🙂

The swimming pool has such an interesting, key-hole-like design. I especially love the panoramic window of the living room looking out onto the patio and how it creates a continuum between the spaces.

Ranu says:

This home is totally incredible. A great space for pool parties, entertaining and relaxing! Love everything about it!!!

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