Luisa Olazábal

Posted on Tue, 21 Jun 2011 by KiM

Occasionally I like to blog a designer/stylist/photographer whose style leaves me a bit out of my comfort zone. Luisa Olazábal is an interior designer from Madrid, and her portfolio filled with beautiful spaces does just that. They are classic with a contemporary flair, sophisticated and refined with soothing, muted colour palettes.

lea says:

Way too monocromatic for me. I couldn't stand to live in places so devoid of colour.

Cate says:

Thanks so much for posting these! I really enjoyed looking at and assessing these images. Because I'm not enamoured of the monochromatic colour schemes, I was able to concentrate on furniture placement. The images also enabled me to really think about what I would like/need in the vignettes to make them more to my taste. Sometimes I learn more from what I don't like than what I do…

Loulou Ste-Adele says:

Picture 9 is beautiful. A happy contrast with the wood and leather adding warmth and cozyness to the more stark adjoining space.

Annie says:

Boy, can we say uptight? Feels like if you put a coffee cup down anywhere in this place Luisa would dart out and slap you.

Ale says:

Wow, I love it. Some of those rooms would be like walking into a black & white movie!

I think the space is beautiful. I love the black and white with a slight touch of colour here and there…


I agree – the first images, especially, are just too grey and sad for me. I love grey – it's a beautiful tone, but not so much when it's taken over an entire space with little to contrast it.
– agata.

Angela says:

having that things is like living in the palace! really wow wow

Ewelina says:

Wow! I'm in love with picture nr. 9!!! Those huge heavy-looking black lamps. Such a great contrast to the almost invisible Starck's. Would a lamp like that fit well in my own kitchen? Take a look –

Jasmine says:

bleh……I LOVE dramatic black and white…but this is so…dull…like someone has littlerly sucked the blood and life out of every room….these pictures (especially the first ones) just make me sad.

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