Posted on Fri, 26 Aug 2011 by KiM

In keeping with my workspace theme of the day, this wallpaper is hilarious used in a little nook. Would you really want to feel like you were in a fishbowl if you were relegated to working in such a small space?

Sara Story

boops says:

Not really but it's kinda neat and it made me chuckle.

monica says:

after all the stupid drama today at my office, this looks just about perfect to me.

I could live with that! I would sit facing the other way though~

I love it! Is the rug painted onto the floor? I can't tell. I secretly hope that it is

Jamie says:

Ha this is very cool, but, no, I would not want it for myself. Jacquelyn makes a great observation…it does look painted on. Very crafty!

Very interesting!

Fish and underwater scenes is therapeutic. It's relaxing and calms the senses.

Harpa J says:


lavinia says:

this looks fun!

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