Buy my stuff!!! – part 2

Posted on Fri, 16 Sep 2011 by KiM

As I mentioned in this post yesterday, there’s a garage sale going on here in Ottawa on Saturday and I’m really excited at the prospect of getting rid of some of my stuff. Here is a peek at more of what I’m willing to part with (with more items and details on my page).


Brittany Copeland says:

I wish you could ship some of this stuff to california! I love your style 🙂

ekta says:

I'd love me those chairs! and that coffee table… maybe couple of cushions! Oh well i will take the mirror.

Sad in Chicago…

teresa says:

i want those white chairs!!!!!!!
bummed in california….

homestilo says:

Ugh, so sorry not to be in Ottawa right about now…

Melissa says:

wow! I really wish I could buy your diy-sofá ( I love it)…but living in brazil… 🙁

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