Reader request – sexy, glamourous rooms

Posted on Fri, 30 Sep 2011 by KiM

Today’s reader request comes from Ina in Norway: I’d like to request a post about sexy, glamorous rooms. a’la your post called “Room porn” from the 13th of July. I feel that lately there has just been a lot of posts about entirely white rooms, and it’s getting old. Lets bring some colors to the screen (preferably dark, calm ones). As much as I love white spaces, I agree with Ina – dark spaces are SO moody and can be SO hot. I’d be happy to give you all a bit of sexy and glamourous today (yes, this is a bit of a subjective post but I tried). Happy Friday!



Greg Natale

Nicholas Haslam

Rue Decor Demon
The Selby The Selby
Design*Sponge LoftLife Magazine





Graham Atkins-Hughes

Katarina Malstrom Brown

B. Garcia Designs

Ina says:

I love the collection you've put together! Especially the tiled bathroom and the living rooms from Design*Sponge and Todd Yoggy. And the red sofa with the white frame is such a cool piece!! The rooms are very sexy and inspiring, Kim. Thanks for doing my request!

peggy says:

Great post Kim! Even though I'm craving white and minimal, I still love a dark room.

Some of my favorite interiors to date. The dark, masculine, and boldness is felt throughout each photos and design.


WyGal says:

I like!

holland says:

OK, maybe my taste in things sensual is a little off, but I find virtually all the rooms in this collection staged, dark and ultimately depressing. I picture a leering Lothario, just outside the doorway, ready to make his entrance, ready to ravish me with oily compliments and spiked cocktails.

oregonbird says:

Why do I get the feeling that you were taking the p*ss out of this request? 😉 I'm sure Ina didn't mean to insult the all-whiteness *that* much!

I'm trying to find the sexy in attempting to eat dinner from the depths of an egg chair. Or in a sofa inhabited by giant crustations. You even included the epitome of chav-ic taste, the giant porcelain dog! Maybe keep this post tagged, so that the April Fools' post can be done by template. /shiver/

wee says:

I did not know glamourous meant horrid :S

Sparrow says:

Does anyone know where I can find more pictures of the Vogue interior. I clicked on the website and it is nowhere to be found. I'm fascinated by how the designer used the skeleton of an ichthyosaur as decor.

KiM says:

Sparrow, here is a link to that photo.

Sparrow says:

Thank you~

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