Racing the storm

Posted on Sat, 15 Oct 2011 by midcenturyjo

Wild storms are approaching. I must be quick before the lightning comes. As I watch the angry clouds race across the sky I couldn’t think of a better post than this one featuring the bruised colours of stylist Hilary Robertson (via Big Leo). Accept that these are calming and soft like that fleeting moment after the rain has stopped, when the calm descends but the light is still other worldly and the thunder rumbles away into the distance. Beautiful colours. Beautiful work.

These are gorgeous shots, and you described them perfectly!

Sarah says:

Love the still-life styling, but why are the books backwards? Thanks for posting such lovely pictures!

What an amazing set of pictures this is! I simply adore the table in the first one… I feel like going back to my blacksmith and let him make those table legs! Thanks so much for sharing.

Hi, nice blog! Love the colors, very good to inspire!
I'll follow the blog 🙂
xoxo from Brazil

Tony says:

Sarah, the books are on their spines, I do like the look of the blocks of white in the bookcase but the (lapsed) bookbinder in me is in agony to see books so treated!!

Absolutely love the feeling just before a storm breaks when the air is electric with anticipation. Beautiful pictures for capturing this mood.

Lucy Xx

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I love every image. Each one proves that simplicity is elegant. I would move in in a NY minute!

Emmanuelle says:

The delicate color palette creates a peaceful atmosphere. It's as if time was suspended and a light wind and stormy light were invited in. Sheer understated luxury. I LOVE it.

Looks like something out of a movie…picture perfect… The books – my husband would kill me if I ever did that to his bookshelf !

f says:

You are such a good writer!!! Rock on!!!

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