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Posted on Mon, 24 Oct 2011 by KiM

Over the weekend my husband was researching Ottawa architects online, and came across one of our favourites, John Donkin (I featured him last year). He found a recently completed home in his portfolio that is EXACTLY what we’ve been dreaming about. We drove by it on Saturday and after picking our jaws up off the ground we managed to snap some photos of it with a cell phone like a couple of stalkers. The exterior is perfect for us – tall and narrow-ish with a huge garage (it is really deep and wide once you drive in) where my husband can hang out and do guy stuff. These folks have a fairly wide lot so they were able to plan for alot of windows on the more private side of the house, which we may not be able to get away with given our narrow lot.

I love that the facade is not made up of 8 different materials in 8 different colours like all the other modern homes going up around Ottawa. (BLEH). The simplicity of it is perfection, and draws your attention to the wonderful details like ALL THE WINDOWS.
Now, I have not really taken a good look at the interior as I am up to my eyeballs in French studies so this post is more about the shape and the exterior but I thought I’d show you the photos from John’s website of both so you can see what this fabulous home is all about (after the jump).

Kristine says:

Oh wow, this is really amazing!

Lidyll says:

Loooove the light! Amazing*smile*

..have to say! Love this blog-always great inpiration!

Best whishes from Norway!

peggy says:

OMG I want to move in. It's perfect.

KiM says:

Peggy, we may need a roommate to be able to afford this house so you're more than welcome to move in. 🙂

Greg says:

Amazing house! Thanks for sharing.

Sammy says:

Good on you Kim. Aim high! Based on what I know of your tastes I can already tell it's very much your style. Those ceilings, those angles and of course those windows. Go for it 🙂

neko says:

Nice house – very clean and well proportioned.

You may already have this site bookmarked, but just saw this Ottawa house today, coincidentally…

I think I like the exterior more than the inside…there's definitely something about the clean lines and the choice of materials

grace says:

what great light! definitely a nice place to return to 🙂

peterborough says:

this looks like the ottawa house that was on the news becuase it was owned by Russell Williams and his wife

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