Michael Wee encore

Posted on Tue, 25 Oct 2011 by KiM

Jo expressed her endearment for the photography of fellow Australian Michael Wee a couple of times last year (here and here) and because he is simply THAT GOOD, I thought I would feature more of his work. I just can’t get enough. Awesome spaces. Awesome captures. (P.S. I am oddly enamoured by the slight locker room vibe of the bathroom in the second last photo).

oregonbird says:

Well… those are some rooms. Some really, really awkward rooms. With a sense about them as if they are currently preserved in an air-tight container, somewhere. But definitely classic 'magazine' style work.

GregK says:

Always great when someone is brave enough speak up about the emperor's clothes

Steve Mawson says:

photography 9/10

interior design 4/15 counting photos…no prizes for guessing which !

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