Summer house

Posted on Mon, 31 Oct 2011 by midcenturyjo

Leaves rustle in a wind on the turn. Hot days end with just a hint of chill. Sweat cools bringing goosebumps. Fruit has fallen. Flowers are overblown and nod their heads in the knowledge that summer is done, that colder days are coming. Just enough time to gather together a few more memories to keep the old summer house company in the dark of winter. Soon it will be closed. Soon it will sleep. We turn our backs and retreat to the main house. Down at the end of the garden path will be a promise of things to come, of the cycle of life, of next year. Memories to keep us company in the dark of winter.

Perhaps I should have written this a month or two ago. Perhaps winter has already darkened your windows. Just a summer house memory to keep you warm. For sale here.

Not a bad summer cottage! I would say this home is definitely a hybrid of shabby meets vintage meets old world country charm. Even better? I love the lay of the land! So many fun hideout spots 🙂

Laura says:

This is a really beautiful blog, you make me dream!

Susan says:

I saw this and called out twice to my husband that I will be having a summer house built in the backyard. His response was OKAY! He has now walked past and asked what I said. My response was that I told him twice and he responded so I see no need to repeat myself, however he may need to park on the road when the workmen arrive. He has now shaken his head an walked off. Let the plans begin!

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