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Posted on Wed, 9 Nov 2011 by midcenturyjo

Nicolás and Jaunita live in Colombia. This is their charming home. Don’t you love taking a peek into homes from all over the world? I know I do. I feel I’ve come to visit on a rainy afternoon. There’s coffee and great conversation and I’ve fallen in love with their Spanish version of the Trainspotting movie poster. Lucky I’m not really there or I’d be tempted to take it down and make a run for it. Not a very good guest am I? Thanks so much for letting us visit and surprise your wife Nicolás!

sara says:

Love the wall of art and that perfectly soft cuddling sofa. IT is cool to see inside homes around the world; really helps with ideas and inspiration.

Tiina says:

Love your blog! Really inspiring.

Martha says:

Just a small note: it is an *Italian* version of the Trainspotting movie poster. There is no "di" in Spanish.

I love the large windows because I like to utilize and maximize the natural light coming from the sun. Beautiful interior!

selina says:

I too love seeing how real homes around the world look like. Cosy, reassuring and inspiring in contrast to the highly designed, professionally photographed and edited interiors we usually gawp at (with delight). Thank you for sharing this lovely home.

The living room with the large window is just fabulous! xx meenal

Desdemona says:

I was just about to say that the poster is the italian one, then I realized someone else did it already. Anyway, I'm Italian and I'm pretty sure about it! 😀

Very nice post and wonderful blog, as always!!!

agueda says:

Nicolas y Juanita: Tiene una linda casa, felicitaciones, nunca habia visto publicada una de mi pais.

warm and inviting. the trainspotting poster is awesome!

CS says:

I love the windows. The light in this place. The warm colors.. but I really would have loved to see more of the kitchen! Looked quaint!

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