It’s simple Simon

Posted on Thu, 24 Nov 2011 by midcenturyjo

Simple, stylish, real homes brought to life by photographer Simon Whitbread. Light and dark, colour playing off white, engaging angles, a sense of calm, of the quiet before the rush of everyday life. Great shots. He makes it look easy doesn’t he?

trexa says:

Simply beautiful!

What I like about these images is that they look like a normal persons' home – nothing fancy or out of reach. They're mesmerising!

Kit Lang says:

Wow. I love everything about this home!

selina says:

Superb composition.! wow

max says:

I Looooooooove that piano! I want one of those for my place!

gorgeous work simon! Mel x

Skipp says:

I can imagine, after a long day and a trip to the gym, that shower must be like heaven… Im gonna have to see about getting something like this in my house when I buy one.

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