Mountain Retreat

Posted on Wed, 30 Nov 2011 by midcenturyjo

Like a cave, rock on rock with primordial forest and majestic mountains. Luxuriously monastic and elegant in its simplicity. Serene yet strong. Raw and masculine. Scree, rock and gravel. Warmth, shelter and style. High country with Lake Wakatipu as view. The Mountain Retreat, Central Otago, Queenstown by New Zealand architectural firm Fearon Hay. Edgy and awe-inspiring.

Anna says:

WOW! That is pretty much my idea of paradise – and I don't really like the whole secluded thing.
Thank you for the inspiration, I am filing that one away for later!

christa says:

It's nice, love the kitchen. But if it snows there that outdoor fireplace/seating area is going to be completely ruined in a season or 2.

You guys must be reading either my mind or my blog! I posted about this house around a year ago, and I also posted the same Swedish bedroom last week just before Kim's post came out….. hmmmm….interesting!

KiM says:

Seems like we may be mind readers Natalie. Unfortunately Jo and I both have hectic lives and don't have much time to read other blogs. If we were to reblog something we found on another blog (which we aren't in the habit of doing) we would reference said blog.

Natalie says:

Hi Kim – I meant I would be highly flattered if you looked at my blog – sorry, didn't mean this to sound as it probably did! Just thought it was a nice co-incidence.

Bredlo says:

Christa, I think I see tracks for sliding glass walls running around the perimeter of that fireplace/seating area.
So in the words of Frank, Dean and Ella… let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

RandomIntent says:

Wow. Would love to stay there for a week. Great forth or fifth home (well no harm in imagining!) Great place to meditate. Fireplace not only a nod to classic design, it's a great piece of sculpture that sets off the view beautifully.

Sammy says:

Fearon Hay do it again. Great post Jo

Anita says:

I totally agree with Jeff, and Audrey and Sue and Anna!

Viner says:

I love the setting, the materials, and the fireplace! I'm a little confused by the bedroom off of this living space. Looks a little like a jail cell. But the rest of it more than makes up for this odd little jail cell bedroom. I'll take it. But where do I store the guns and ammo?

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