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Posted on Thu, 1 Dec 2011 by midcenturyjo

We concentrate primarily on domestic interiors on Desire to Inspire. It’s all about the home. Actually it’s all about the room porn for the home. Every so often, though, inspiration comes muscling in from commercial designs. Commute Home is a Toronto based design firm and although what you see before you are restaurants and offices, shops and studio space I could with just a tiny bit of tweaking see these designs providing inspiration for your “not so tame” domesticated home. A little indie. A little edgy. Definitely with attitude. Urban cool. Inner city hip.

These are fantastic spaces. I love the use of mixed materials, old and new – brick, wood, stone and steel. They all feel industrial chic and inviting at the same time.

My mind has been blown. How much better is a restaurant after when there is cool decor involved?

xx noel

I love this. That Jules Verne Paris plus industrial furnishings is how I'd like to start again.

The last restaurant, with the menu in Italian, do you know where is it? thanks!!

KiM says:

Marialuisa, I just checked Commute Home's website and this restaurant is Terroni in Los Angeles

LSB says:

Commute Home is a design firm but it's also a store front–which, btw, is to die for. It's on Dupont St. in Toronto and totally worth a visit if you're in town. They have tons of stuff that most certainly could work in a home. I go there often and in fact I didn't know they specialized in restaurant design until I saw this post.

Poochie Lou says:

Great photos and one of my favourite shops! I stop in whenever I am in Toronto for a design fix, although last time I was there, they were on Queen St West. Love their stuff and have even brought a few pieces back to Oz with me.

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