Glamping in the snow

Posted on Wed, 7 Dec 2011 by midcenturyjo

… in Les Giettes, Swiss Alps, Switzerland. Except I’ve heard that it has been the driest autumn in Switzerland since…. well I wasn’t listening that closely… and there is no snow. Tell me it isn’t so! A girl from a subtropical land can dream of deep banks of snow though. And a girl who hates camping can dream of glamping with bathrooms and beds and hairdryers and heating and dinners provided. Whitepod. My kind of camping. Via Welcome Beyond.

john says:

we have now… a little…
not so much like last year but we have don't worry 🙂

at the moment it's snow in Les Giettes 🙂

It's been very mild here in the UK too. I love the idea of glamping- I am so not a normal camping person!

TK says:

Fabulous, darling. Absolutely fabulous!

sue says:

It's called global warming or climate change.

Erin says:

Oh my…I certainly get snow here in Michigan…but that looks downright decadent. I may have to steal some ideas from this to cozy up my bedroom this winter.

That whitepod is awesome. We should all try to create homes in similar fashion; with the basic necessities and comforts provided but still offering a simple lifestyle connected to the nature.

Sarah says:

All those cozy bedrooms need is a cat or two curled up fireside.

Regula says:

We have snow now, it finally snowed a lot in the last few days. Don't worry and come see 🙂

Clair Linden Parke says:

Love the European style of bedding…a duvet for each person!

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