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Posted on Mon, 23 Jan 2012 by KiM

A week ago I blogged about a stray kitty that has been holed up in my bathroom while we try and find her a new home. Unfortunately we have yet to find a home for her and she’s still locked up in my bathroom. Since my last post I had someone email me who sounded very interested, but I haven’t heard from them since Tuesday. I guess they changed their minds. 🙁 One other person has offered to take her in, but this person lives a 6 hour drive away and I really don’t want to put the poor cat through that long of a car ride. So far, that’s all I’ve got. The good news is she was at the vets on Friday (for a checkup and her first vaccinations) and was tested for all those nasty feline diseases that typically get passed around to strays…she is thankfully in perfect health. The vet thinks she is about 2 years old. She’s in heat right now which is alot of fun (OMG the howling…hilarious because my husband says it sounds like she’s yelling out “HELLO!”). She has an appointment to be spayed in a week. 
Again, if anyone out there thinks they could provide this cat a forever home (and lives in or near Ottawa), please email me @
Help. Please. 

Annie says:

Hi Kim –
What a cute kitty! She has such a soft, sweet face.
I recently had to find a home for a cat and had incredible luck on Craigslist. I got dozens of offers – so many it kind of freaked me out. Who are these people who live in tiny houses with 8 dogs and 12 outdoor cats??? Lot's of animal hoarders stepped up, but I took my time and was super picky and found the dream home for my awesome cat – a lovely retired couple with two other cats, an enclosed cat porch, ASPCA members, loving and responsible. It took a few weeks of weeding out the weirdo's, but in the end it was well worth it.
Just a thought. Good luck!

Ylva says:

She is absolutely georgeous! Six hours in a car is not that bad! She'll get over it, especially if it is a good home. (And a lot of cred to you, taking such good care of her, amazing!)

Dawn says:

Oh, my…this is killing me! So, so, SO good of you to keep her until you find a perfect forever home (and you will!). I've always been a dog person because of my terrible allergies to cats. Then I found a little kitten on a cold, rainy January night. I explained very clearly to him that he could come home for the night but would be going to the shelter in the a.m. My 15 y.o. old little guy now has kidney disease. The vet said a year ago that he hasn't seen one go beyond two years w/his level of disease, but he's doing great and I treasure every day w/him, allergies and all!

But I digress. I meant to say that when we took him on his first road trip (a two day move), we allowed him to roam the interior of the car (had a small litter box) when he made his dislike for the carrier very clear. He had a great time exploring and we would return him to the the carrier upon making stops (before opening any doors). Though we only do trips to the vet now, he does well in the car and in his carrier.

And, Jeff? I heart you!!

GH says:

I just transported mine to Europe. All told they were about 12 hours in their carriers. It caused them (and me) some stress, but when I got here, I opened their carriers in a quiet room and gave them some food and water and a littler box. They hid under the sofa for the first few days but they now appear to be doing fine. Obviously a six-hour drive is inconvenient for you–I don't know that I'd want to give up a day just to transport a cat–but in terms of how the cat will fare, I don't think it will be a big deal. She'll be comfy in her new home within a few days of arrival.

sarah says:

When I moved from NY to Houston I carried my two cats on board the plane. They were scared and the trip was hell for me b/c I was upset about them being scared. But we made it and they were fine once we arrived. The only other option was to leave them behind and I would not, so it was worth the upset to transport them. Skip the tranquilizers, dosage is tricky and only made the matter worse b/c they felt weird. You and your husband are real gems to help this kitty…spending time watching an iPad in the bathroom to keep her company shows what a sweetheart he is. Finally, I don't blame you for not wanting to permanently add #8 to your household. I know how much work 3 cats are. Thanks for sharing your stories.

patti says:

she obviously is getting used to being looked after… you can tell she's looking more relaxed since your first blog. the folk over at 'design sponge' (i think) had a kitty situation over christmas too, but they found happy adoptive parents quite quickly. soooo glad she's got a clean bill of health from the vet (design sponge kitty didn't). good luck… she's be lucky to find you both!

Jenny says:

OMG this kitty has the cutest face I've ever seen! <3

maison21 says:

bless you, kim. i hope you find a home for her soon.



Lori says:

I have 7 cats myself, so I feel your pain. There comes a point when you have to say no in order to take care of the ones you already committed to.

But the reason I popped in here is probably going to have your readers thinking I'm nuts, and I can't believe I'm actually going to type this here:

About the "in heat" thing and the yowling. Umm. Ok, there's just no way to be delicate here. Let me suggest that she can be quieted with judicious application of a damp q-tip in the appropriate area. It will hush her up until her body realizes she didn't conceive, and hopefully by then you'll have gotten to your appointment. Please don't ask me how I know this. *sigh*

ANd good luck with your home finding.

Russell F says:

I drove for 20 hours from Bariloche to Buenos Aires with my 2 cats, undrugged, and they survived no problem. And all the happier to get home !

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