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Posted on Mon, 30 Jan 2012 by midcenturyjo


Dublin based interior designer Gail Morris of Wall Morris Design emailed us with a few photos of the installation of a recently completed ‘new-build’ residential project in Co. Kerry, Ireland for a client who lives in New York. The design focus was on fine interior joinery, tailored and detailed for the family’s needs. I know many of you will be swooning over the custom kitchen but I love the bedrooms tucked up under the roof. A new house just beginning its life with its new family. I can’t wait to see it age beautifully as it gathers the layers of family life.

Georgia says:

OMG! Stunning. Wish the photos weren't quite so grainy as this is just AMAZING work.

SOLD on clawfoots tub and port hole windows!!!!

Aidan says:

Amazing interior joinery! This is a showcase for what build in bespoke furniture should be like. Great work!

Claire says:

Where is the outside, is that as lovely as the inside?

the ceilings in that place are unbelievable!

Russell F says:

Me wonders how much nicer this would have been to see such beautiful joinery accompanied by the beauty of the wood itself, unpainted, simply stained perhaps ? Obviously the owners were going for the all white look. In that case, find a solution Mr Architect for the door awful hinges a la vista especially in the entreance hall.

Alexandra says:

The architecture is immaculate, I don't think I've ever seen so many custom built-ins, but I LOVE it!

Clara says:

Absolutely fabulous !!
Love this kitchen, the windows, all these cabinets, these ceilings, everything. Good taste.

Kylie says:

Love love love it!

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