Broder Frauenglass Interiors

Posted on Wed, 8 Feb 2012 by KiM

We received the following sweet email the other day from Neil: I wanted to share some new design work with you that my mom and I collaborated on. Mom and I started doing interiors together a few years ago after causally helping one of my friends with her new apartment in Manhattan. We received some word of mouth referrals since then and have been doing projects ever since. I have a full-time job in advertising, but the design business with mom is my true outlet for creativity. And I love that design has had the power to bring my mom and I together as adults. The partnership challenges each of our aesthetics and allows us both to grow and evolve creatively. It’s been an amazing, unexpected journey. Now how cute is that?! Totally made my day. Here are some spaces designed by this mother/son duo as Broder Frauenglass Interiors, including Neil’s own apartment (the first 4). 


Lola says:

I LOVE the nursery!

katie says:

pinned some of these… thanks! 🙂 says:

Beautiful work….heritage & talent can form an unbeatable design challenge to the mediocre….stay the course and you will be
hughly successful….BW

LGSW says:

These are beautiful and serene. I love all of them including the neutral colors with black and gold.

katrina says:

There is nothing "old lady" about this style. It is just pure good taste in the traditional style. We all know good taste doesn't date – so well done Broder Fraenglass.

rooth says:

The two cribs are adorable. That's a really cool collab between family members as well!

Oregonbird says:

The first pics give some leeway for masculine comfort, but you have to admit that the sofa pics, and to a lesser degree the three after, are very much geared toward the classic mature feminine!

Jane@The Boat Barn says:

This is a terrific example of great collaboration. It shines through in the work this Mom/Son team do together. The Nursery color choices are wonderful. I'd love to see more of Broder Frauenglass Interiors.

Burundi says:

This is a style that will not age… because it's already dated.
It's the color scheme, the accessories, the curvy sofas, the "karate-chopped" cushions (thanks tyson)…
The space in the first photo has potential, minus the table accessories and pillows.

gc says:

These are beautiful spaces. The designers obviously understand that a masterful play of palette and scale in an interior creates a stimulating, but liveable space for their client's to enjoy…not a stage set that's more novelty than true style. Lovely.

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