Aussie stylin’

Posted on Fri, 2 Mar 2012 by midcenturyjo

Aussie style. Relaxed, casual, bright, fun, at times irreverent, always fresh. Aussie stylist. Relaxed, casual, bright, fun, at times irreverent, always fresh. Lovin’ Louise Owens‘ portfolio. This stylist has captured the Aussie essence perfectly.





oregonbird says:

The kitchen/dining room five up, with the primitive furniture and blue tile — wow. I love how the kitchen cabinets seem to float over the floor. It's the sort of place you walk into and take a deep breath — expecting the air to be fresher, somehow. Which describes the reaction to most of Ms. Owens' styling, really. Even when the decor is dense and layered, there's a sense of airiness. I'd probably expect the scent of citrus or lavender to waft past, to match the visual impact her use of colors offers.

What an eclectic collection of spaces. I'm loving how bright and energetic that first space is!

i am such a fan of all those hot pink accents!

michelle says:

Aussie style is wonderful; bright, cheerful, unpretentious, and without architectural clutter. Thanks for this.

JudyG says:

last pic – is the bathroom and bedroom mixed? not sure how i feel about that – interesting concept for sure.

and love the kitchen with the blue tile, a great mix of stainless steel with old wood. the door with the heart is a nice touch!

rooth says:

Fresh for sure! I need an injection of some Aussie style in my apt

Fabulous spaces! Love the work table in the middle of the room. And the blue tile behind the hoodvent. Oh yeah, and the Danish chairs and table with the colourful runner. So many things to love!

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