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Posted on Sat, 3 Mar 2012 by midcenturyjo

Got a problem? Need some help? Just standing there shaking your head? Don’t know what to do? You’re not alone. Send us a link to photos of your design quandary and let the Desire to Inspire design crew help you…. that’s you lot… the readers! This week’s problem comes from Donnet who lives in South Africa.

So my boyfriend and I are wanting to make a little dead-space/old bedroom in our house into a home-office. We live in an awesome loft apartment, and it has one really unusual feature – a curved, corrugated roof. This makes it a little difficult fitting things into the mezzanine level. We want to keep the space simple and clutter-free as our mezzanine level is all open plan and our bedroom and 2 bathrooms are up there too.

About the space:
-The space is triangular in shape and approximately 3m along the window wall x 2.5m wide down the roof side.
-It has a beautiful curved window with an awesome view that lets it a lot of light. (If we could come up with some sort of blind system for this window we would be killing 2 birds with 1 stone!)
-One of our bathrooms is right next to the space
-We would need to fit 2 work stations in the space
-There is only one corner with wall space

We would love to get some outside perspective on the space.

christa says:

I would put a low, white, credenza-type storage all the way across the curved wall. Then I would put a glass topped table in the middle of the room, one that was large enough for 2 workspaces (3' x 6' or so). I would put the work spaces on opposite sides of the table, offset so they aren't directly facing each other, but each get a 3' x 3' space. Put 2 small rolling file cabinets under the table, some nice chairs and task lights. Done.

I would never cover those windows up ever.

Gorgeous loft! So unique. I would either put a couch underneath the window with a nice antique, rustic coffee table, or a nice desk area.

Love the window and the folding screen – what a great idea. I could definitely sit in front of that window and ponder that view.

t.g.m. says:

It's a great space indeed, but it looks somewhat dark. I would recommend on bleaching the wooden floor or painting it white. this space needs a minimal treatment. industrial furniture would work well here but slim modern desks and chairs will do a great job too . the obvious choice would be to put the desks against the curved wall, but if you are into feng-shui, you may place them in the middle of the room facing the stairs. consider putting two seperate desks in the middle of the room on both sides of the stairways, so they won't block the light coming from the window.

acpgee says:

If you only need space for workstations, search for console tables instead of desks. Much more compact.

Caroline says:

Please don't paint or stain the floor! It has such a beautiful warm colour and balances the industrial curved wall/ceiling. I agree with some of the other people that the best place to put a desk is on the left wall, i.e opposite the bathroom. I would build a long, chunky desk running all along the wall. You could paint it white or grey ( or you could give it a colour e.g. a mossy green ?) I would also put a nice colourful rug (with reds and greens in it?) on the beautiful wood. You could ask a carpenter to make a folding screen similar to the one you have but which follows the curves exactly of your unusual window. On the other wall you could put some nice colourful art (and a medium height cupboard?). Don't put any big furniture, like a sofa there since you will need to be able to freely walk between the staircase and bathroom and between the desk and staircase & bathroom. Keep this space airy and open!

SueE says:

What about an L-shaped desk that begins beneath the curved window and wraps around the corrugated wall? Book and artifact filled bookcases against the wall that's shared by the bathroom? Would two cozy tub chairs fit on either side of the top of the staircase?

And it looks to me like that screen is on wheels and is designed to unfold and cover that window? Is there a reason you are not using that to keep light out when you want? Maybe it doesn't keep enough light out. Tough one. I'll have to think about it and get back to you.

SueE says:

So I just talked to my Dad and he came up with a great idea for the window- although the construction details are beyond my capabilities you'd basically create a big folding fan, the pivot of which is on the floor, right where that screen is now. It's a bit crazy but I likey…

Lin says:

I enjoy this weekly feature, but often I just have to shake my head and wonder whether some of the commentators have even READ the post or LOOKED at the photos before leaving their suggestions. People, the room is approximately 8' x 10' and needs to serve as a work space for two people. There's no room for sofas and coffee tables!

vargagirl says:

Perhaps a desk with a transparent top stretching across in front of the window? Support it with three file cabinets, and you'll have more storage, and a way to hide wires going to the outlets I see on that wall. It would have to be away from the window a bit to allow for window coverings. The screen is lovely, but if you intend to use those outlets, it would be difficult to use, unles you have the budget to move outlets.

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