Cool couch!

Posted on Tue, 6 Mar 2012 by KiM

We received an email recently from Sara, who is one of six editors from around South Africa reporting on trends, fashion, culture, design, photography, interiors and local creatives on the site Itswhatiminto. Their site is a must-read, and in particular this story that features the home of Kelli Crawford and her AMAZING couch. It’s gorgeous. I think I’m in love. 

Melanie says:

Wow! So cool. And thanks for sharing the weblink. Definitely a site to watch.

Thanks for sharing!!

Leone says:

Love it. Thanks for sharing this.

Karen says:

Gasp! That is just what I'm looking for – colour, style and that fantastic cross-stitch design. Ah, sigh … think my chances of finding similar in Australia are limited. But is giving me ideas for my crafting side to explore.

chila says:

Oh my God! I love it, and I want it for my own, although I don't have where to place it!

Wow! What fabulous detail on a couch with such character.

Cussot says:

It just thrills me no end to see traditional handcraft reinterpreted and revivified. Brilliant work, anonymous stitcher!

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