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Posted on Tue, 13 Mar 2012 by KiM

I thought for something a little different that I’d snap some photos around my home. It’s been quite a while since I have had any projects going on since work on the house has come to a halt while we plan to wreck and rebuild it. That being said, these photos all ended up being all closeups of vignettes, as I was too lazy to organize anything on a larger scale for photos and there frankly isn’t much of a point. (And on that note, do I ever need to sell some of my stuff! More on that when I get around to it. And if you’d like to poke around old posts of my place check here.)

Mid Mod Tom says:

Very nice

I have a vintage fan and TIvoli radio in my space too ­čśë I used to have tons of duck things, but when every gift started having something to do with ducks, I put the kibash on that

teresa says:

i'd love to see more of the space with that yellow light fixture.

KiM says:

Thanks everyone!
Tom – ducks?? LOL
Teresa, that light fixture is in my dressing room. See more photos here.

Such great details. Love all the vintage finds, including your radio- wow- so amazing!

That old fan is fantastic ­čÖé

Lucy says:

Love the pictures- The Alan Woods steel company in OAKS is right in my backyard.

J'aime ces phtotos de d├ętails pour leur simplicit├ę et leur vie. Thanks

Light bulb and holder are fabulous!

Beautiful little peeks!

Kim these are such great photos. So nice to see a little insight into your home. Thanks for sharing.

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